code of conduct

as Greybeard Delta expands, we feel it necessary to ensure that our playing style, mindset , and ethos is maintained. For this reason, we feel it is necessary to lay down some ground rules and establish a ‘code of conduct’

failure to adhere to these basic rules, could potentially see you removed from the Squadron and the related PSN Community

  • Ganking and Griefing other Cmdrs (regardlessg of Squadron membership) is not tolerated
  • If you find yourself on the receiving end of Gankers/ Griefers, Greybeard Delta reserve the right to retaliate
  • Clogging (combat logging is not tolerated under any circumstances)
  • Behaviour deemed as abusive will not be tolerated and will be investigated

joining the squadron

  • Get to know your fellow Cmdrs in the “Over 40s Elite Club” community first
  • If you want closer ties , submit a request in-game (OV40 is the Squadron ID)

NOTE : Only PSN users that have been a member of the “Over 40s Elite Club” for at least 1 week or more, will be considered for entry into the Squadron

If you wish to have access to the members area of this site, please submit a request via the contact form